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Huawei Korea Welcomes New CEO

By February 16, 2017 at 6:13 am
Key Speakers At 22nd World Energy Congress (Photo : SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Huawei just welcomed Shawn Meng as its new CEO in its branch in Korea and this has been announced by the company just this Wednesday. Meng is the former chief operating officer or the COO of Huawei Indonesia.

Huawei branch in Korea doesn't only act as a network equipment provider but it also tries to make its presence as the leading global smartphone maker. With this, the company is hoping that the newly-appointed CEO will play a significant role in developing the business in the said country.

According to Korea Times, Shawn Meng shared that he's very happy with the new task that the company had given him. On his new position and in his leadership, the company seeks open collaboration with local partners and mutual growth.

Alongside CEO of Huawei Korea, Meng will still serve as the COO of Huawei's branch in Indonesia. Furthermore, the report added that Meng was able to manage a $1.8 billion business and has joined the company way back 2007.

Meng has been engaged in wireless network engineering and sales operations. The company expects him to solidify Huawei's leadership both in the information and communications technology setup in Korea.

Before appointed as the CEO, he worked at the Shenzhen branch of China Telecom handling tasks on wireless system and network design. He earned a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering at Wuhan University.

At present, Huawei Korea has over 300 employees and continues to increase until its operation way back in 2005. And with the appointment of Shawn Meng as the new CEO, the company looks forward to provide new high-end handsets in Korea as well as venture to other global markets as per Chosun Media.

With a new leadership, Huawei Korea hopes that the company will continue to provide excellent services to clients as well as releasing its flagship smartphones in time. Shawn Meng will definitely initiate developments in Huawei Korea.

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