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Tesla Motors To Open First Flagship Store In Korea

By March 15, 2017 at 7:50 am
Tesla Korea builds charging stations for Model S 90D release (Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Tesla Motors is set to open its first flagship store in Korea wherein it will feature its top quality sedans to Korean customers. Its first showdown will open at Starfield Hanam which is a shopping mall situated in Gyeonggi Province.

Apart from this, the Elon Musk-owned company has also planned to open another branch in Cheongdam-dong which is located in southern Seoul. And at the moment, Koreans can visit the store and check on the Tesla's Model S 90D which is the one available as of now.

This vehicle can be ordered online to give chance for customers to customize their own vehicles. For those people who made pre-orders for the car can be given chance to test-drive it as reported by Korea Times.

Tesla's EV is priced at 121 million won or $105,000 but the cost can even go up higher if the customer chooses to customize it. If this is the case, the price can go up to 161 million won depending on the add-ons.

After being granted with government certification, the Model S 90D is set to hit the local market in Korea. One thing more, Tesla will also be receiving certifications for its other models like the Model X SUV and the Model S.

Apart from the availability of these vehicles, the Ministry of Environment also assured that the Tesla Model S 90D has a range of 378 kilometers if this is fully-charged. So far, this is the widest among all electric vehicles available in the market. What makes this car great in this feature is because of its single-speed electric motor together with its 90kWh lithium-ion battery which can have the ability of 417 horsepower.

Despite its great features, there is one downside fo this S model and that customers and buyers cannot take advantage of the subsidies offered by the environment ministry for EVs since the Tesla's sedans were not able to meet their requirements.

A car should only consume less than 10 hours to charge on a 7 kilowatt-hour low-speed charger. But for the sedan, it usually consumes 13 hours to fully charge using the S 90D's battery.

Tesla is boosting its efforts to put up charging infrastructure across Korea where such facilities are not enough. Moreover, the vehicles are expected to start to be delivered in June.

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