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Park Shin-hye is the Newest Endorser of Roem's Global Marketing Campaign

By January 30, 2016 at 5:36 am
Park Shin-hye (Photo : Feng Li/Getty Images News)

Eland's brand for women fashion, Roem, is set to wow the world with their designs, which will further be endorsed by Korean star Park Shin-hye.

The dainty actress recently concluded a photoshoot with the brand's spring collections. According to Business Korea, Pantone specifically chose rose quartz color palate to highlight serenity. The pictorial will also feature Park's trendy features, which is combined sensibly to achieve a serene romantic look.

As for why the company chose Park as the newest global ambassador, an insider said she has been a familiar face in China and other countries around the world. She reportedly possess a lovely, familiar face in the industry.

"The company considered her public image to be precisely matching the brand image of ROEM, which is preparing new features for 2016," the insider noted.

"Park Shin Hye is receiving a lot of love as a role model for women in their twenties and thirties because of her trendy fashion sense and lovable image," said an E-land representative, according to Soompi. "As the new model for Roem, the brand can be expected to expand on a global scale."

Park recently finished shooting the movie, "Hyung," where she plays a role of a judo coach of an EXO member played by actor Do Kung Soo.

Her Weibo page, China's version of Twitter, has more than 10 million followers.

To mark the appointment of Park as a Roem endorser, the company announced that they will be giving away prizes on their Instagram and Facebook pages. Prices include the actual clothes worn by the actress during the shoot.

Photos of the pictorial will be released on the brand's official website. One of the best-recommended wear of Roem is the trench coat that Park modeled. The entire collection will be released on Jan. 29 at 180 stores nationwide. 

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