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Apple To Build A 'Secret Team' To Pursue Virtual Reality Plans

By February 1, 2016 at 2:24 am
Apple logo (Photo : Eric Thayer/Getty Entertainment News)

Rumor has it that the Cupertino giant is on its way to building virtual reality features by creating a secret team.

Apple is on the verge of working with virtual reality experts to reportedly create prototypes of headsets, which could compete with Microsoft's Hololens or Facebook's Oculus Rift in the near future, according to the Financial Times.

The giant tech is reportedly seeking new sources that will venture beyond Mac and iPhone. The secret group includes hundreds of professionals from carefully-selected acquisitions, and employees who are developing future technological handsets for Microsoft and Lytro, a start-up camera, according to the insiders.

In the previous months, Apple has been creating prototypes of various headset configurations. Their latest acquisition is the start-up Flyby Media, who offers a technology to allow the users to "see" the world they live in. Flyby Media previously worked with Google to develop Project Tango, a software that uses 3D positioning technology.

The news came after rumors that Apple hired a virtual reality expert to create future cars. In an article by JKNUS, the company allegedly planned to penetrate the vehicle industry by developing Apple cars equipped with virtual reality features.

They hired Doug A. Bowman, the former Computer Science professor and director for Human-Computer Interaction at Virginia Tech, to create a 3D dimensional technology with gesture mechanism.

Some speculators say Apple will compete with Facebook and Samsung with their virtual reality app.

"It certainly can't let rivals such as Facebook, Google and Samsung run away with the market, particularly given the groundswell of momentum building around smartphone-based virtual reality," said CCS analyst, Ben Wood.

"I'd wager that there is a substantial team within Apple figuring out how the company will play a role in this technology," he added.

Apple has not released any statement regarding the news. However, chief executive Tim Cook said last week that the technology is "really cool and has some interesting applications."

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