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Hallyu Reaches Western China to Reign in Fashion, Cosmetics Industries

By February 1, 2016 at 2:31 am
K-Pop Fans (Photo : Scott Gries/Getty Images)

The hallyu craze reaches western China with thousands of shoppers opting to buy Korean merchandise than any other local and imported goods, according to Korea Herald.

The influence of Korean culture certainly made tidal waves around the world, particularly China who proved that hallyu is certainly a trend. On Chunxi Road alone, the largest shopping street in Chengdu, it is common to see huge billboards of Korean stars promoting different brands.

One of the shoppers is Fei Lui, 22, who was seen looking around Innisfree store with Lee Min-ho's poster on the store's façade. The young customer said she became aware of the brand by the Korean films she has watched.

Fei represents thousands of Chinese consumers who are now into Korean products. In a data released by the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, Chengdu is one of the "most promising markets" for Korean industries as it also holds over 100 million residents.

"We strategically place Korean staff or Korean-speaking staff to take orders so that people could instantly notice that the store sells Korean products," said the importer of Korean Juice, Hurom, in Sichuan province, Jung Tae-hwa.

The businessman said Hurom already has 15 sales outlets and 2 cafes, selling about 10 juicers worth $665 a day and a few hundreds more in wholesale.

Jung Chan-mi, his daughter, is now managing the café business. She said the hallyu craze certainly made a big impact on Chinese consumers as they have been transformed to cold-drinking people from avoiding such drinks in the previous years.

"People are ready to spend money, and they are hugely influenced by Korean TV shows. They want to communicate with Koreans, and even speak in Korean language with them. Being Korean is still that rare," said an employee of a Chinese importer of Korean De Chocolate Coffee.

However, it is not all about the Korean culture. De Chocolate Coffee also made measure to adjust their flavor based on Chinese taste preferences. They reportedly adjusted the sweetness of their chocolate drinks as it is more preferred by the local customers.

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