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Lady Gun Owners: These Women Change Gun Industry With Fashionable Firearm Cases

By February 7, 2016 at 1:33 am
Here are three women who have changed the gun industry with new fashionable firearm cases (Photo : Matthew Lloyd | Getty Images News)

IDAHO - Most of the time, men are the ones carrying guns. But these days when everyone is at risk of getting into danger, women are also carrying guns to keep themselves protected.

But most of the firearms are not catered for women as they are hard to conceal. Due to this circumstance, some women have started their own companies selling gun bags and cases that are meant to hide the guns carried by female consumers.

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Here are three women who have reshaped the gun industry.

Lorelei Fay from the city of Boise in Idaho owns Miss Concealed, an online shop for women's gun holsters. She said the company started when her friends saw her own-made elastic belly band with leather case for her Sig Sauer handgun. She also included two pockets for backup magazines.

Apparently, her friends wanted to own one, prompting her to make holsters for them, then eventually started selling them in 2014.

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"When I started selling my stuff on eBay (EBAY), it started selling like hotcakes," Fay said in an interview with CNN Money. "I couldn't keep enough inventory. As soon as I make them, they're right out the door."

Expanding the business, Fay hired seven sewers as her company's revenue climbed up to $200,000 in 2015. She gained more than half in 2015's last quarter.

Just like Lorelei Fay, Leslie Deets from Roswell, Georgia owns Concealed Carrie that provides fashionable handbags for guns. Together with her husband, she also co-owns Sharp Shooters USA.

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"To become more familiar and comfortable with firearms, I attended a ladies' defensive handgun class, and later a concealed carry class," Deets wrote on her company's website. "In both cases, I was struck by the women who came to class wearing holsters strapped to their bodies or toting less desirable military-style concealed carry bags that were far from feminine."

An obstetrician-gynecologist, Tessa Renaud from Baton Rouge, Louisiana is not only a doctor, but also a businesswoman who owns Lethal Lace that provides worn flexible laces for guns.

She got her concealed carry permit when she used to go to ER during the wee hours of time, wanting to protect herself when she walked alone to her car. However, it was difficult for her to find a case that would hide her bulky guns.

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"I looked for weeks and couldn't find the right thing," she said. "I got so frustrated I decided to come up with something on my own."

After coming up with her own gun cases, she started her business around 2014 with her husband. She has designed elastic wraps made of lace with metal clips, which can be worn by women.

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