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Google Inc. CEO Sundar Pichai Becomes Highest Paid Executive In U.S.

By February 10, 2016 at 8:25 pm
Google (Photo : Justin Sullivan | Getty Images News)

CALIFORNIA - Sundar Pichai, chief executive officer of Google Inc., becomes the highest paid executive in the United States after the parent company, Alphabet Inc., has awarded him with $199 million worth of shares, according to a US Securities Exchange Commission filing on February 3.

Receiving a total of 273,328 Class C Google shares, 43-year-old Pichai got a stock value that has climbed up around $650 million. His share award will be granted with quarterly increments until 2019 if he continues to assume as the CEO of Google Inc. This means he can fully control the shares that will be given to him, BBC News reports.

Previously worked as the deputy of Google co-founder Larry Page, Pichai was given the opportunity to run the search engine company after Alphabet's reorganization in 2015.

However, he has been in the company since 2004, initially spearheading the product management of several Google's client software products that included Chrome OS, Google Chrome and Google Drive. Moreover, he oversaw the development and progress of Gmail and Google Maps.

Before getting involved with Google, he worked at McKinsey & Company as management consultant and at Applied Materials particularly in engineering and product management.

According to the data gathered by Bloomberg Business, the award of shares given to Pichai is the biggest amount awarded to a Google CEO. It is Pichai's first award ever since he took over the highest grossing unit of the search engine company.

Diane Greene, VMware Inc.'s co-founder and former CEO, was awarded with $42.8 million shares by Alphabet. She led the cloud business of Google Inc. since November 2015.

After Google got the acquisition of Bebop Technologies Inc, which she started, Green received $148 million worth of equity last year.

Aside from Greene, Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat, who previously worked at Morgan Stanley in 2015, was also given $38.3 million worth of equity, which will be granted similarly as Pichai's conditions in relation to share awards, as reportedly shown on a filing.

A spokesman from Alphabet Inc. was asked for comments, but declined to give his side.

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