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Korean Film Industry Stays in The Trend With New, Innovative Immersion Experience

By February 11, 2016 at 2:28 am
3D Cinema (Photo : Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment)

The rise of internet-based movie platforms created a new level of competition in the film industry, but Korea is well-equipped with new, innovative movie experience for the hungry audience.

In an article by Korea Herald, epic films like Superhero movies are now being patronized due to its computer-generated effects and realistic films, which only can be enjoyed in movie houses. This reportedly indicates that the film industry can ride the wave of new media, especially during the rising of internet-based streaming movies like Roku and Netflix.

"History seems to repeat itself. Superhero movies today offer that 'epic scale' with computer graphic-centric fantasy and action sequences that can only be truly enjoyed on the big screen," an industry insider said.

Filmmakers have been using advanced technologies to create a new kind of movie experience, like the IMAX 70mm cameras. These cameras are heavy and quite difficult to transport, but they can produce quality pictures. One example of such is the "Lawrence of Arabia" by David Lean.

Korean movies also keep up with the trend by creating Hollywood counterpart productions like the star-studded movie, "The Thieves."

"The movie industry is expected to spend much more on technology, stars and marketing to win audiences in this 'winner-takes-all' market," the source explained.

Local film companies like CJ CGV is now using 4DX, a new kind of technology that allows moviegoers to feel like they are actually "riding the movie." This is the same with ScreenX, which offers audiences like they are included in the movie.

"Due to the growing platforms of IPTV and mobile content, it is true that the forecast for movie theaters is not all that rosy," said CGV cinema technology senior manager, Park No-chan. "With its latest theater technologies such as SphereX, ScreenX and 4DX, CJ CGV seeks to enhance moviegoers' experience."

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