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Entrepreneur Kathy McCartney Releases New Book, ‘The Maui Magical Mystical Tour’

By March 20, 2016 at 1:20 am
Kathy McCartney (Photo : Kathy McCartney)

Entrepreneur, artist and author Kathy McCartney released a new fiction book, The Maui Magical Mystical Tour.

"The main character, Katie, works in an office and has aspiring dreams to one day be a writer and artist on Maui," reads the official synopsis. 

"Turns out God has a strange sense of humor and grants Katie her wishes in unexpected ways.  Her life now capsized, after discovering her fiancée is cheating, inspires her to purchase a one-way ticket to Maui.  She is called to the Haiku jungle to mend her broken heart and start a new chapter in her life. 

"This is a laugh-out loud jungle trip, where a woman coming of age rediscovers her youth, swears off sex and re-virginizes at age forty-seven.  For Katie, the journey is not as simple as it sounds; especially when she ends up booking a room at one of the most sexually charged spiritual spots on Maui.  Will she keep her vows in this amazing setting in the middle of the Pacific? "

Kathy McCartney originally lived on Oahu with her family but moved to Southern California when she was very young.  In 2002, she bought a condo that would eventually become the launching point of her business career and the key to getting back to the home of her childhood and the place of her dreams, Maui, Hawaii.

Prior to making that decision she had been working with friends in a vacation rental business and made the leap to start her own company. She has over twenty-five years of experience in both business administration and customer service. She merged her business ideas with her artistic and free-spirited hopes and dreams that would eventually find a way to be realized.

She is an artist who creates on canvas but most recently expanded her creative expressions to include works on etched metal.  Those pieces are described as 3-D or holographic, with movement and a life of their own. 

The Maui Magical Mystical Tour is Kathy's first novel and certainly will not be her last as we are sure this book will touch the hearts of many readers that will want more of Kathy's 'feel good' story telling based on her true life experiences. The Maui Magical Mystical Tour is now available on Amazon.com and includes art images by the author and artist Kathy McCartney.

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