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BioNet-Asia Forms Scientific Advisory Board

By March 22, 2016 at 3:30 am
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BioNet-Asia announced the appointment of Dr. Stanley Plotkin as Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board  at a meeting held in Paris on March 3rd, 2016.
BioNet-Asia is a clinical-stage biotech company with a focus on technological innovation and global market access.  

"We are honored to welcome such eminent scientists to our advisory board to support BioNet pertussis clinical development programs," said Pham Hong Thai, the Chief Executive Officer of BioNet.

"I am pleased to chair the Scientific Advisory Board of BioNet and to support BioNet in developing a new generation of pertussis vaccines which has the potential to control the resurgence of pertussis in the world," said Dr. Stanley Plotkin.

The innovative clinical stage vaccine company formed of BioNet Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), under the chairmanship of Emeritus Prof. Dr. Stanley Plotkin. The mission of BioNet SAB will be to provide valuable scientific advice, along with strategic guidance on its recombinant pertussis vaccine pipeline while the company is advancing rapidly with its clinical development.

The following members, well-known experts in the field of pertussis vaccinology, were appointed during BioNet's first Scientific Advisory Board:

Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board - Dr. Stanley Plotkin, Emeritus Professor of Wistar Institute and University of Pennsylvania, developed the rubella vaccine now used worldwide and has worked extensively on the development and application of other vaccines including polio, rabies, varicella, rotavirus and cytomegalovirus. Dr. Plotkin has held senior positions at the Epidemic Intelligence Service, U.S. Public Health and with Sanofi Pasteur. He wrote over 700 articles, and has edited several books including Vaccines, now the standard textbook in the field.

Prof. Claire-Anne Siegrist is the Director of the Center of Vaccinology of the University Hospitals of Geneva (Switzerland), and Head of the WHO Collaborating Center for Vaccine Immunology. She is also an advisor to committees for immunization in Switzerland, the UK and WHO (Strategic Advisory Group of Experts), including for Pertussis Vaccines. Professor Siegrist has contributed to a large number of scientific publications in the field of infectious diseases and vaccine immunology.

Dr. Nicole Guiso is the former Head of the Institut Pasteur Research Unit, Molecular Prevention and Therapy of Human Diseases, Paris (France), and Director of the French National Center of Reference for Pertussis and other bordetelloses and for toxinogenic corynebacteria. She was an advisor to the Pertussis and Diphtheria working groups of the French committee for immunization and was appointed as expert of the WHO Strategic Advisory Group of Experts working group on Pertussis Vaccines. Dr. Guiso wrote over 300 articles in the field of infectious diseases.

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