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Pulmuone to Acquire America's No.1 Tofu Brand Nasoya

By March 27, 2016 at 2:00 am
korea food (Photo : Getty Images/ Chung Sung-Jun)

Pulmuone Foods Co will purchase substantially all of the assets of Vitasoy USA Inc. which includes acquiring the Nasoya brand, America's number one tofu brand, and solidifying its position as the world's leading tofu company with strong operations footholds within the global tofu markets of Korea, U.S., Japan and China. The acquisition gives Pulmuone the outright market leadership of the U.S. tofu category.

"Pulmuone now has a strong national platform and presence that will not only drive manufacturing and logistics synergies, but will also enable us to leverage a comprehensive sales and distribution infrastructure to further drive availability of our brands and products within the USA," H. Y. Lee, CEO of Pulmuone Foods Co., said in a statement.

"This expanded business scale within the USA market will also be the beachhead to drive development and growth of Pulmuone beyond the tofu category."

Pulmuone Co., Ltd. is a Korea-based holding company with more than 1.8 trillion KRW (approximately USD 1.5 billion) in annual sales. The acquisition of substantially all of the commercial assets of Vitasoy USA Inc., including the NASOYA, AZUMAYA and SAN SUI brands, is highly complementary and synergistic operationally, logistically, as well as within sales and distribution.

Pulmuone is engaged in the management of subsidiaries, primarily in the food manufacturing and food ingredients distribution businesses. Currently the company has 25 affiliates, including Pulmuone Foods USA, Inc. and is a leader in refrigerated all-natural food products.

Through the expanded business scale resulting from this acquisition, Pulmuone expects to continue to strengthen its leadership position within the tofu market and to rapidly expand its category footprint beyond tofu. Consolidated operations foothold within the global tofu markets (Korea, U.S., Japan & China) supports worldwide tofu category leadership.

Pulmuone Foods USA, Inc. is committed to providing authentic wholesome foods featuring the highest quality, all-natural ingredients.

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