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North Korea Wants South Korea To Apologize For Hurting Their Leader's Dignity And Threats To Take Action

By March 27, 2016 at 11:52 pm
South Korean President Park Geun-hye named suspect in bribery case. (Photo : Chung Sung-Jun | Getty Images Korea)

North Korea wants its neighbor South Korea to apologize for allegedly hurting the dignity of their leader, Kim Jong Un. Its military said it will take "merciless" action against the South unless the latter complies. The North likewise demanded the South to publicly execute those who plan to strike at their leadership and claimed it is the South's last chance so its presidential office Cheong Wa Dae will be spared of retaliatory fire, reported Yonhap News.

Each day, N.K. boasts of new weapons development and programs. It unleashes fiery threat to attack S.K. and the U.S., said Toronto Sun.

N.K. claimed that on Monday, the South conducted a drill which appeared as a plan to destroy the office of their leader with 16 fighter bombers with air-to-surface missiles. The South confirmed its Air Force did conduct a large-scale air raid drill against a simulated N.K. facility.

North Korea gave an ultimatum in English to South Korea that could result to a merciless action of its military. If the South does "not respond to the ultimatum of the KPA, the long-range artillery force of the KPA large combined unit on the front will move over to merciless military action." The Korean People's Army is the official name of N.K.'s military. The totalitarian state likewise warned to make the S. Korean presidential office and other key sites "turn into ashes" if it takes action.

Describing leader Kim as "the sun in the sky" and claiming that he represents the Korean's life and destiny, the ultimatum is N.K.'s latest statement at S. Korea amid the ongoing military drills between the South and the United States, which N.K. sees is a rehearsal for a war against it.

It is not the first time North Korea warned to destroy South Korea's Chong Wa Dae as it did the same in recent years. S. Korea asked the North to stop its rhetoric, warning that its provocations will destroy it. Though N.K. is not showing any unusual military movement, the South said it is ready to cope with any possible attack.

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