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K-Pop Girl Band Twice Member, Taiwanese Chou Tzuyu Caused Fans Commotion In Taiwan

By April 3, 2016 at 11:50 pm
K-Pop girl band Twice member Taiwanese Chou Tzuyu caused fans commotion in Taiwan lately. Tzuyu was in the midst of a political storm in Taiwan in January said to be contributing to Tsai Ing Wen's win. In this pic, President-elect Tsai Ing-wen, the count (Photo : Ashley Pon | Getty Images World)

A member of South Korean or K-pop girl band Twice, Chou Tzuyu, 16, who hails from Taiwan recently caused a commotion in her home country when she was seen by media outlets sitting at a local school. Tzuyu was taking a test at an elementary school in south of Taiwan on March 20.

The test is a requirement to graduate to middle school. The singer left a note on her desk with a message for the school and her name. People, including the schoolchildren, swarmed to take a look at the desk put behind tape by the school to limit access, The Korea Times reported.

Tzuyu works for JYP Entertainment in South Korea for K-pop girl Twice. Entertainment scouts discovered her in 2012 at MUSE Performing Arts Workshop. She went to Korea, was groomed and became a popstar in November that year. She was in music videos of Miss A and Korean bands GOT7 in 2014.

In 2015, she became famous through "Sixteen," a reality TV show in South Korea which formed the new multinational nine-member K-pop girl band Twice with Chou Tzuyu in it. When Twice debuted on October 2015, their first song Like OOH-AHH earned over 26 million YouTube views.

In January, Tzuyu was in the headlines when she waved a Taiwanese flag on Korea's online show "My Little Television" showing her waving a Taiwanese flag. That triggered a backlash from the Chinese people who considered the casual behavior as an implication to be with the national movement of Taiwan to declare independence from China. Mainland China does not acknowledge Taiwan's declaration of sovereignty in 1949.

While her waving of the Taiwanese flag angered Chinese citizens, her apology via a video after the incident angered Taiwanese citizens. She became the center of a political storm days before Taiwan's presidential elections, reported South China Morning Post.

The incident of waving the Taiwan flag by K-pop girl band Chou Tzuyu relived the issues about the identity of Taiwan and its relationship with China, which sees Taiwan as a breakaway Chinese province.

Tzuyu's agency in South Korea said Thursday the singer passed the test and plans to study high school in Korea.

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