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'#Selfie Girl' Star Paula Labaredas Debuts Sexy Original Booty Shake Anthem 'jitter' on YouTube

By April 8, 2016 at 2:20 am
Paula Labaredas (Photo : Paula Labaredas)

'#Selfie Girl' star Paula Labaredas takes Twerking to a whole new level in her new original sexy song and video 'JITTER" The video dropped on April 6th on her YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/PaulaLabaredas1).

JITTER combines an infectious beat with a catchy chorus that will make you want to jump to your feet and shake what your mama gave you. Labaredas wrote the original lyrics and brought in Mark Grilliot to produce the track.

Labaredas is an actress, model and internet sensation. She recently gained legions of fans and over 1.5 million views for her social media obsessed '#Selfie Girl', a music video parody of the 90's hit 'Barbie Girl' by Aqua. This Portuguese-American beauty has been featured on various blogs, including Sports Illustrated, Portugal's Playboy, AOL News, Radar Online, NY Post, Huffington Post, NASDAQ,

"I was working on the lyrics for my parody video '#Selfie Girl' and I needed a word that rhymed with Twitter. I thought of Jitter, which means an unsteadiness movement in an electrical signal. That reminded me of a dance move -- this hip, upper leg butt shake that is super sexy. I always wanted to create a dance booty video, so here was my excuse...Jitter was conceived!" 

JITTER is a sexy and fun dance party song, but it also delivers a strong message: No booty calls allowed. If you want the company of a Lady then you must court her and treat her right. The lyrics declare:

I like chivalry keeps my dignity 

Write me a symphony I'll be your trilogy 

Take me willfully you'll have a victory 

I'm such a complicity mystery but so visibly brilliantly

Labaredas wants to help bring chivalry back in style and believes this song is for all women who are tired of receiving texts from guys wanting to stop by for just a 'booty call'. Labaredas added. "I'm old fashioned; I like to be wined and dined. Chivalry is still out there and I think that should be the 'in' thing -- not a booty call."

 'JITTER' is available on iTunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/jitter/id1098284324?i=1098284553

Watch 'JITTER' on YouTube.

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