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Leah Schrager Expanded The Profit Margin In SOHO Art Show At The Superchief Gallery

By April 9, 2016 at 3:32 pm
Leah Schrager at Superchief Gallery (Photo : Leah Scrhrager at Superchief Gallery)

Leah Schrager and Lindsay Jones are making monetary liberation sexy. Superchief Gallery SOHO presented "Profit-Positive Pu$y," a two person exhibition with Jones and Schrager, from Feb 27 through March 5 at 138 Sullivan Street, in New York City.

Profit-Positive Pu$y featured work from Lindsay Jones and Leah Schrager, two artists who come from a history of modeling in which they were the commercial object for other artists. Searching for agency and power has led both independently to an obsession with objectifying themselves through art forms that at times embrace commercialism.

Schrager's video and painting presentation, entitled "The Celebrity Project, Year 1: Sex Rock," documents and presents art from the first year of her on-going celebrity-as-art-practice project in which she strives to make ONA a real world celebrity so she can (among other goals) successfully appropriate her own image into her art while also investigating how, in the digital age, everyone is conducting their own "celebrity project."

Jones's sculpture and video installation, entitled "Holy Matrimony, My Life As An Object," uses lace and gold as couture relics to explore the many facets of the contemporary female, from single mother and fashion designer to artist and business woman, with a focus on the female gaze, power struggles, and human rights.

The themes, materials, and concepts inherent in both their works are not only specific to being female in America in the 21st century, but also round-a-bout at the broader crossroads of sexuality and equality, monetization and liberation, representation and authenticity, muse and creator, fame and labor, and appropriation and self-obsession.

Leah Schrager is a 2015 MFA in Fine Art Graduate from Parsons School of Design. Wired.com named her one of the Top Ten Sexiest Geeks 2010. She is featured in a documentary on 4th wave feminist artists, called "The F Word," directed by Robert Adanto in 2015. Schrager works between the web and NYC. In her work she photographs, appears in, augments, and markets her own image. She's interested in the line, movement, and biography of the female body.

As Sarah White, The Naked Therapist, her work was featured on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," "The Jeff Probst Show," CBS News, ABC News, The NY Daily News, Fox Business news and Playboy Radio. As Leah Schrager, her work has reviewed in Vice, New York Magazine, Slutist, Bullett Media and DNAinfo.

White founded Naked Therapy in 2010. Naked Therapy "is an experience that combines elements from positive and person-centered talk therapy, experiential therapy, and creative play therapy, with the added component of the client and/or therapist getting naked to facilitate more honest and unique insights through the experience of arousal," according to her web site.

"In each Naked Therapy session, I seek to provide my clients with a comfortable, accepting, even fun environment wherein they can develop a sense of self that is empowering, an awareness of their feelings that is freeing, and an understanding of the conflicts that are holding them back from realizing their full potential. Just as dreams unlock the unconscious, arousal unlocks the hyper-conscious. Arousal may be emotional, physical, and/or intellectual."

Her current project, ONA, is an artist and musician who evolved out of the question of celebrity as art practice and is based on her Instagram, which boasts a following of 300k (generated in the last six months of 2015). ONA's first EP, "Sex Rock," is being released in conjunction with her Superchief show.

White is also the author of the book "The Arousal Plan: A Daily Ten Week Program to Optimize Your Arousal and Achieve Your Goals."

Lindsay Jones is an artist, actor and designer dividing her time between the New York Hudson Valley and New York City. She has worked with artists Aneta Bartos, Richard Kern, Terrence Koh, and Martynka Wawrzyniak with Lindsay in adjacent roles as both artist and muse.

As well as being featured in a series of portraits by artist Richard Prince last year, she had a prominent role in director Larry Clark's film "Marfa Girl" which won the Golden Marc'Aurelio Award at the Rome Film Festival in 2012. Her most recent acting role was in "Promiscuities", a film by director Jonathan Leder, which premiered in September of 2014. Lindsay was also featured in the US Playboy December 2014 issue with a 6 page story on herself as a muse. Lindsay is a classically trained sculptor and has recently been working in computer rendered art and video as a way to expand upon her background in 3D.

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