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U.S. Airline Carriers To Keep 'Basic Economy' for Cheaper Flights

By May 3, 2016 at 11:11 am
airplane (Photo : Getty Images)

A report from the Economist suggests that U.S. airline carriers are remaining adamant about a new class of low-fare options offered in "basic economy." In spite of overwhelmingly negative reviews, carriers including United, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines continue to expand "basic economy."

Basic economy offers airline travellers cheaper fares for the cost of comfort. This option takes away some of the benefits the average person would have in economy. Overall, they would not be able to choose their seat when purchasing, and may also be subject to the standard legroom and comfort level. 

Basic economy is helpful for customers for its lower prices, but many have complained that air travel has become even less alluring. In recent surveys, according to Economist, passengers indicated the desire for more legroom and comfort. However, passengers are also choosing options based on the price. Therefore, customers are usually not willing to pay extra for the additional comforts they desire. 

Passengers traveling on a budget will be able to pay less while welcoming a few sacrifices in comfort.

Delta Airlines introduced basic economy in 2012 and has reported a great increase in revenue since its expansion last year. The airline is planning to offer basic economy options for more of its routes. United and American are expected to launch basic economy later in 2016. It is expected to become a usual option in U.S. air travel.  

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