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Goodbye LG Module: LG Might Skip the Module Feature in G6.

By October 25, 2016 at 9:15 am
The new LG G5, exhibited during the 3rd day of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, 23rd of February, 2016. (Photo : Getty Images (Photo by Joan Cros/NurPhoto))

Things didn’t go well this year for the Korean tech company LG with the gloomy sales of the LG G5. The company is going to have to make a notable advancement in the LG G6.

The most unimpressive thing about the module apart from its cost is the fact that they require the battery to be removed when the modules are to be attached to the device, forcing you to restart your smartphone when you want to connect to a friend. Different options were offered like a custom DAC, camera controls to mention but a few. But these entire fabulous feature wasn’t still enticing to customers when they got their hands on the phone.

The G5 was actually a fascinating move with the modular design, it had a very poor yield and obviously, LG has to learn from its mistake and avert such occurrence in their upcoming G6.

According to the report from the Koreans ETNews, LG might consider shedding off the “friends” modules on the production of its next flagship the LG G6. Though the module was an accomplishment of a several years of work.

LG is working towards offering a better phone with new and unique features to meet the demands of their customers, this might include the best hardware out of the box, at least that’s all we wish for. The report also states complaints against the module on its inability to remove and attach the modules to the phone. And also the inability to hot swap some modules, which happens when you try to remove a component, but so interrupts the operation of the phone.

Previously, LG stated on retaining the module feature. So don’t be surprised if LG retains it the module in their next flagship the G6. So all we have to do is to wait and see what the company has in mind.

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