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Park Geun-Hye on Choi Soon-Sil Scandal: 'All my Fault and Mistake'

By November 4, 2016 at 9:41 am
President Park Geun-Hye Warns North Of Possible Collapse (Photo : Chip Somodevilla | Getty Images News)

Amid growing calls for her resignation, President Park Geun-hye apologized to South Korean citizens Friday, admitting that the political scandal was all her fault. She promised to cooperate with the prosecutors' investigation. 

"I once again apologize from the bottom of my heart for the indescribably great disappointment and worries the case related to Choi Soon-sil has caused," Park said in an emotional public address at Cheong Wa Dae. 

"I feel a huge responsibility. It is all my fault and mistake... Choi was the person who greatly helped me personally taking care of my personal affairs when I faced the hardest and loneliest moments in my life, ...so I had fully trusted her and over-relied on her, eventually causing me to overlook her shortcomings," continued the first female president of the nation. 

"I will fully cooperate with the investigation if necessary, and I am willing to accept scrutiny by a special prosecution team," she further added. 

"The prosecution should not be fettered by anything and must clearly reveal the truth, based upon which it should strictly mete out justice."

If investigated, Park will be the first leader in Korean history to undergo an investigation while in office, according to The Korea Times. 

Park's approval rate further plunged from 9 percent to a record low of 5 percent according to a Gallup Korea poll released Friday. 

Regarding the foundations to which her close friend Choi Soon-sil forced the heads of conglomerates to donate, the original goal was to help Korean economy and the lives of the people, Park insisted. 

"I feel devastated after having learned that a certain person profited while having committed unlawful acts," the President remarked, sparking criticisms among opposition parties that she is trying to separate herself from Choi. 

While Choi was arrested on Thursday, the extent of Park's involvement in the scandal is yet to be known. 

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