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Samsung Moves to Strengthen Battery Checks After Revealing Battery Flaws on the Galaxy Note 7

By January 25, 2017 at 10:04 am
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (Photo : JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images)

On Monday, South Korean tech giant Samsung revealed that the Galaxy Note 7's explosion problems were caused by a battery flaw. An improved safety check is now on the table to ensure that further issues will be avoided. The new safety protocols will be received by the Galaxy S8 devices first.

What Went Wrong

Last year, Samsung was placed under fire after consumers reported that their Galaxy Note 7 devices were exploding. The tech provider has since recalled numerous Note 7 devices and initiated an investigation to find out what was the root cause. It was initially revealed that the pressure on the batteries caused fires. However, further investigations concluded that the batteries had welding defects.

Samsung's Reputation on the Line

The New York Times notes that Samsung was considered as one of the top performing companies in Asia. Compared to other phone providers in its neighboring regions, Samsung has done well for itself and for its home country, South Korea. Critics are now looking into how the company will rise from the ashes of the Note 7's fires.

The Solution

Apparently, Samsung is very busy working on a resolution to the problem. Not only does the company have to redeem itself after the 2016 fail but it also has to ensure consumers that succeeding devices and gadgets will not experience the same issues.

According to The Korea Times, Samsung mobile chief Koh Dong-jin said an "eight-point battery safety check" will be initiated for its upcoming devices. The company will seek to "prioritize quality and safety above all." The eight-point protocol will include voltage tests, dismantling tests, and other related assessments to ensure that the batteries in upcoming Samsung devices will be safe for use.

Koh added that upcoming flagships will feature extra room around the batteries so physical damage can be avoided. Samsung is also planning to share the safety check protocols with other manufacturers so as to help deliver safer phones, tablets, and other devices to consumers.

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