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Tesla News And Updates: Tech Giant Aims To Create Self-Driving Cars Within The Decade

By January 24, 2017 at 7:04 am
Tesla Sues Former Employee (Photo : (Photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images))

Tesla has always been at the forefront of the tech industry who is pushing the boundaries of current technology. This time, one of their upcoming projects is building self driving cars. Chris Lattner, the new VP of Autopilot software shares his thoughts on the new direction Tesla is going.

"I want to accelerate the path to cars being appliances that solve people's problems," Chris Lattner tells in a recent podcast. Chris Lattner describes himself as an "un-car" person who doesn't like the idea of cars but admits the necessity of one. According to him, he dislikes a car and its attached responsibilities and maintenance. He tells that he doesn't like the idea of doing oil changes and managing a car.

He wants to build a Tesla car that is reliable, that drives him to anywhere he wants to go but without the maintenance.  An ideal car for Chris Lattner would simply be something that works but doesn't need any caring or thinking of which is similar to Apple's philosophy.

Lattner who has worked at Apple for 11 years will be joining Tesla to head the development for the self driving cars. His most recent work included Swift, Apple's new programming language which Chris Lattner has built from scratch.

Although Chris Lattner didn't see himself to be working on Tesla, he feels that his skills can help advance the industry. He sees his project to be completed within the next decade. The long development process is due to the huge problems in creating a self reliable car. Chris Lattner explains that there are huge technology and software problems and that the project is not a overnight thing that can be done quickly.

In order to make the perfect self car for Tesla, he wants it to be significantly better than a human driver. But with the use of an array of sensors and radars along with his knowledge in software development, Chris Lattner is confident of the project's success.

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