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Xiaomi News: Hugo Barra Announces Exit from Chinese Smartphone Giant; Work Took a 'Huge Toll' on Tech Expert's Life

By January 30, 2017 at 6:14 am
Hugo Barra (Photo : ROSLAN RAHMAN/Getty Images)

Xiaomi is bidding one of its top representatives goodbye. Hugo Barra has recently announced that he will be leaving the company, marking the end of a 3.5-year run with the Chinese phone manufacturer.

Barra Makes a Lengthy and Emotional Post on Social Media

In a Facebook post on Monday, Hugo Barra said life in China seems to "have taken a huge toll on my life and started affecting my health." The former Google employee added that his friends and family are in Silicon Valley and he believes it is time to head back home.

Barra went on to remind fans of how momentous the past 3 and half years with Xiaomi has been. He recalled the big awards that the company has won, the Google collaboration project that launched at CES 2017, and the creation of teams that would work to expand the business.

Before ending his lengthy post, Barra took time to thank his colleagues and Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun, calling him a "mentor" and "friend." Barra said Lei has requested that he stick with the company as an advisor. The former Xiaomi spokesperson revealed that he will be leaving China after the Chinese New Year.

Finally, he called out Xiaomi fans, referring to them as the people "who have won my heart for life!" Fans commented on the post that was accompanied by photos of Hugo Barra with his colleagues and fans. Some consumers expressed dismay over his decision while many others showered him with support.

Xiaomi co-founder Bin Lin also commented on Barra's post, commending his former colleague for his work that helped the company rise up. Bin said the company would love it if Barra stayed with them. However, he noted that they all understand what Barra wants to do at this point and they are wishing him "all the best."

Barra is Replaced

According to Tech Crunch Asia, Bin announced that Senior Vice President Xiang Wang will take over the position that Hugo Barra will leave behind. Wang will now be the new international business head after Barra completes the transition period.

Xiaomi's Troubles

CNBC reports that Barra's departure was set at a time when Xiaomi faces company issues. Over the past two years, the Chinese company had been struggling as it expanded into international fields. Once a big rival against Apple and Samsung, Xiaomi's efforts since 2015 have seen mixed success.

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