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Tesla's Confidential Self-Driving Car Concepts Stolen, Sues Former Employee

By January 30, 2017 at 6:16 am
Tesla Sues Former Employee (Photo : (Photo credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images))

Tesla, one the best innovators of the tech industry is now developing self driving cars. But not all is well for the car maker company as reports suggest that a former employee has stolen confidential documents for the development for the self driving car.

In a report by jalopnik.com, Tesla is suing former Autopilot program manager Sterling Anderson for allegedly stealing confidential company information. The former program manager tried to recruit other employees to form a competing company with Chris Urmson who is the former head of Google's self driving car project.

According to the lawsuit, Tesla lists 6 complaints against their former employee. The lawsuit basically says that Sterling Anderson breached his contract by illegally obtaining confidential information. Chris Urmson and Auroroa Innovation, the company the two founded, are also named as defendants in the suit.

The suit states that Anderson has downloaded gigabytes worth of vital information from Tesla's proprietary information in his own personal hard drive. This has then became the basis to form his own company with Chris Urmson and develop their own self driving cars with the help of the stolen information.

In addition, Tesla wants a court order of halting Anderson's recruitment of former Tesla employees for Aurora. This may be a preventive measure for Tesla's in house concepts from reaching a potential competitor.

Tesla is now seeking monetary, non-monetary and punitive remedies against the defendants. The company is also seeking compensatory damages in an amount to be decided on trial. This means that when the suit is over, the defendants would also have to shoulder Tesla's expenses for the case.

Sterling Anderson meanwhile has disputed the charges filed against him by his former employer. He says that the allegations against him are a source of paranoia and a fear of competition. He then says that Aurora is looking forward to disprove the charges and build a successful self driving company.

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