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JD Now Offers Drone Delivery Service To China, Beats Amazon

By January 30, 2017 at 6:13 am
Drone (Photo : Getty Images)

While Amazon has introduced their new air delivery system using drones, it wont be used for quite a while. But in China, delivery thru drones is already happening.

JD.com is the second largest online retailers in China which is second only to Alibaba and they have already started their drone delivery program last year. According to recode.com the online retailer has delivered parcels across four provinces in China namely, Jiangsu, rural Beijing, Sichuan and Guangxi.

These provinces have given JD regulatory approval to fly their drones. But this year, the company is looking to expand their service as they are in the process of acquiring the necessary permits in the different provinces of China.

As of now, JD has their drone delivery service approved to about 20 fixed routes. The company aims to have 100 routes across the country by the end of 2017.

JD designed their own drones with 5 different types of drones. The type of drone used will be based on the size of the parcel which implies that the drones also differ in size to accommodate the increase in weight of the parcel.

The way the drone delivery service works is that the drone drops off the package to a specific landing station where an assigned delivery man resides. The delivery man will then have the task of bringing the packages addressed to the different houses. Each drone can carry 8 to 15 packages per village.

This is different to how Amazon does their drone delivery. Instead of having an assigned delivery man to transport the packages to the different houses, Amazon's drones themselves will deliver the packages to the house.

Amazon is testing its drone delivery package for two years now in the U.K. Regulatory approval delays are the cause as to why the US hasn't had their drone delivery service implemented.

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