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Facebook Founder Drops Lawsuit Against Hawaiians

By January 30, 2017 at 6:13 am
Zuckerberg (Photo : Photo By Adam Berry via Getty Images)

Mark Zuckerberg's Hawaiian paradise has hit a road block as the Facebook founder drops his case to sue hundreds of native Hawaiians. If the case pushes through and Mark Zuckerberg wins, the families affected would likely be forced to be sell their ancestral land and move out.

The lawsuit which was filed in December, has targeted hundreds of native Hawaiians who claim to have ancestral rights to the 700 acre land which Mark Zuckerberg purchased. But in an open letter published in a local newspaper, the Facebook founder has stated the he has decided to drop the case.

He says that upon reflecting on the matter, he realized that he didn't fully understood the case and its history. Now he understands the issues better and has regretted his actions.

The story began when Mark Zuckerberg purchased the 700 acre land for $100 on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. What he didn't realize was that portions of that land is in the possession of some natives known as kuleana lands.

These small sections of the land are passed down through generations and are sometimes without a written deed or will. But with Mark Zuckerberg's deep pockets, decided to file a case against the locals to remove them from his newly acquired land.

These lawsuits are actually common in Hawaii with kuleana lands having no written basis. But Mark Zuckerberg was criticized for his lawsuit.

According to Business Insider, Hawaiians are furious with Mark Zuckerberg. A farmer who lives near Zuckerberg's 700 acre estate says that everyone in the are is outraged by the actions of the tech personality.

According to the farmer, Mark Zuckerberg used his security personnel to try and intimidate the locals out of the lands. The famer himself has been confronted by security guards along a beach next to Zuckerberg's property.

But with the case dropped, it looks like Zuckerberg decided to give up driving the locals away from his land. The PR damage to Facebook might be too much if he decided to go through with the case.

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