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Lego Creates Lego Life, A Social Media App For Kids

By January 31, 2017 at 6:19 am
Lego (Photo : Getty Images)

The sudden rise of social media gave other industries another outlet to expand their business. Among these industries is brick toy creator Lego who has now created a social media platform for kids.

Thus Lego introduced their newest app called Lego Life which is basically Instagram but with Lego. In it users can share their Lego creations to other users by posting pictures of their work. What separates Lego Life from other social media apps is its emphasis on being kid friendly.

The app was designed for kids under to age of 13 to safely interact with users who share their passion in Lego. Just like Instagram, users can post pictures of their Lego creations, post comments with Lego emoji and follow users. All these features will of course be monitored and restricted for it to be kid friendly.

In addition, Lego Life features building challenges to jump start the development of creativity among kids. It will also improve their photography skills by taking pictures of Lego sets in unique settings.

When it comes to making Lego Life safe for kids, Lego has added safety measures. These include accounts that are prevented from sharing personal information, avatars that are made with custom Lego minifigures, account names that are a series of randomizes words and among others.

Lego has done their part in making their social media platform away from the dangers that the internet brings to kids. It's a smart way of implementing their toy line into social media while difiretiating it by making it specifically designed for kids.

Lego also has other plans for Lego Life expanding it beyond the social media sharing of Lego creations. The company sees the app as a central hub for all of Lego's online services.

Lego Life is now available on Andriod and iOS in several countries. Stay tuned for more updates.

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