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Google Dethrones Apple As The Worlds Most Valuable Brand, Lego Most Powerful

By February 2, 2017 at 8:06 am
Google (Photo : Pier Marco Tacca | Getty Images News)

For the first time in 5 years, Apple has been dethroned from its position as the world's most valuable brand. Replacing it is Google, the company behind the popular search engine and Android smartphones.

According to an annual study of leading brands done by Brand Finance, Apple has dropped 27px in the last year. This is enough for Google to take their spot at the top. The study also says that Lego is the world's most powerful brand.

Google's brand value on the other hand rose by 24pc to $109.5bn with Apple dropping to $107bn. Telegraph.co.uk says that people are starting to lose faith in Apple's ability to innovate.

According to Brand Finance CEO that while there are several analysts who follow Apple, their rankings are based entirely on consensus. The CEO says that they what the market says and the market consensus. And according to the market, the prospects for future turnover are worse than last last year or the year before.

Meanwhile Google, reclaimed the top spot which they last held in 2011 which is driven by advertising revenues. There was as increase in advertising revenues by 20pc in 2016. According to the study, the search business continues its dominance while the company has found other sources of revenue.

Going down the list of the most valuable, Amazon places third while Facebook rose to 9th from 17th last year. Brand Finance factor brand loyalty, familiarity, corporate reputation and marketing investment in making their evaluation for the Global 500.

The study also evaluates the most valuable brands. As said earlier Lego is at the top while last year's most powerful, Disney, fell behind 5 places. Lego is driven by The Lego Batman movie and its new social network Lego Life expanded the business.

Disney's descent was caused by the fact that many of its films were the work of sub brands like Star Wars: Rogue One which is produced by Lucasfilm and Finding Dory which is produced by Pixar. This is despite the fact that Disney had the best yearly movie sales of all time under one company.

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