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Tesla Opens New Battery Storage Facilty, Hopes To Make Fossil Fuel Energy Obsolete

By February 3, 2017 at 8:07 am
Will energy storage facilities be the future? (Photo : Larry Busacca/VF15/Getty Images)

Tesla thinks that by stringing millions of small batteries all together will help kick fossil fuels off the grid which may help the environment. Although batteries have only appeared in a handful of grid scale projects, the is about to change this week.

Three massive battery storage plants in Southern California, all by different companies including Tesla will all be going live at the same time. In addition, any of those three plants could have been the largest ever built. When combined, the plants make up about 15 percent of battery storage plants constructed last year. This is all reported by Bloomberg.

According to Tesla Chief Technology Officer J.B Straubel, the upcoming battery storage plant is the first step to an energy revolution. He says that their battery storage venture is growing as fast as they can humanly scale it.

This battery storage trend is a response to a fossil fuel disaster that occurred near the Los Angeles neighborhood of Porter Launch. What ensued after was the release of thousands of tons of methane into the atmosphere before it was sealed last February.

As a response, the Southern California Edison rushed to set up energy storage deals to lessen the risk of winter blackouts. And from the looks of it, they wanted it done as fast possible with all the projects launching this week were done within 6 months. Tesla in particular finished theirs in just 3 months.

Straubel says that there were teams working around the clock and living in construction trailers to quickly finish the job. He adds that they could change the world with the pace that they've achieved. Undoubtedly, his statement rings true as projects like these take years to complete where they were able to finish it in less than half a year. Considering this is one of Tesla's first foray, improvements can still be made to make the process faster.

The problem now is how will gas companies react to alternative energy resources. When it comes to business, they wont stop at nothing to gain the upper hand.

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