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Mobile World Congress 2017: Samsung to Unveil Galaxy Tab S3 as Nokia Makes an Explosive Comeback

By February 8, 2017 at 6:27 am
Samsung is acquiring U.S. artificial intelligence platform developer Viv Labs (Photo : Credit David Ramos via Getty Images)

Barcelona sets the stage for the biggest clash between the tech giants on the newest devise or gadget they could offer in the Mobile World Congress. Tech enthusiasts from around the world is expected to gather and be the first to hear about the latest smartphone upgrades, wearables and Virtual Reality developments.

So, what can one expect from this big event? A lot. But, one thing's for sure, Nokia is set to make an explosive comeback as a leading phonemaker. The performance of the technology manufacturing company has been overshadowed by Apple, Samsung, Sony and HTC. It is about time that they catch up to 2017 and make themselves relevant once again. The brand is expected to release a new flagship smartphone under Android operating system. This marks the series of models that are hitting the markets this year.

That's not to say you can expect lackluster performance form other big companies. Samsung, for one, is rumored to unveil their mystery tablet. From the beginning, many have been speculating that the Galaxy S8 would be part of the South Korean giant's presentation, but apparently, it's still leaking its wounds from the controversy that they faced with Samsung Note 7's exploding batteries. Fans won't be disheartened though, it looks like they will make it up by the new features of Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

Another device that might not be making an appearance is the next-in-line in the Microsoft Surface series as it might come later in the year. However, it might be because of 3 very good reasons as it arrives in a consumer,business and high-spec version designed specifically for those types of customers.

Huawei has been hinting that they will have a new flagship device; however, it wll no longer be the P10 with its Leica camera. Instead, the company is venturing into Huawei Watch 2 which will be running on an Andriod 2.0 operating system and a new Matebook, according to Wired.

Mobile World Congress will begin on February 27 until March 2. 

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