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Twitter Releases Updates To Filter Inappropriate Posts, Abusive Users

By February 9, 2017 at 6:07 am
Twitter logo (Photo : Bethany Clarke/Getty Images News)

Twitter has had its share of abusive users who post offensive tweets. That's why a week ago, Twitter executives have agreed to make Twitter a safer social media platform, the company's primary focus. CEO Jack Dorsey even Tweeted that the company will be taking a new approach to stop the abuse.

And now, Twitter has added three new updates that promises to make the social media platform safer for users. The first of the changes states that Twitter will be doing a better job of keeping banned users from rejoining through new accounts. The company has been actually doing the screening process although they wont specify how in order to prevent users from exploiting loopholes. A spokesperson did mention that it will use a combination of human reviewers and machine learning technology to track down previously banned users from rejoining.

Next, Twitter will also be adding a "safe search" feature that will remove offensive tweets that may contain inappropriate words, phrases or images. Users can manually toggle this new feature on and off.

Lastly, Twitter will start hiding inappropriate responses to tweets so it doesn't appear in conversations. Tweets that contain words or phrases or images that are deemed to be inappropriate by Twitter will not be viewable in conversation threads. Users will have to click "show less relevant replies" to view these inappropriate tweets. Twitter will be using an algorithm to automatically filter these kinds of tweets. Similar to "safe search" users have the option to turn the setting on and off.

The general theme for these updates is the removal of abusive content. It's also the same approach Twitter used in August when it introduced a feature that lets users filter their notifications.

Twitter has been battling abusive users since its inception in 2006. The same problem was linked to Disney's botched proposed deal to purchase the company. It's also among the top changes that Twitter users would like to see. Hopefully, the new updates will make Twitter a safer place for everyone. 

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