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Google Announces Cloud Seach, Will Search Files Across G Suite Products

By February 9, 2017 at 6:07 am
Google (Photo : Getty Images/Brendan Hoffman)

Google just announced a new tool called Google Cloud Search which targets their business customers. The new tool will allow users to search files across G Suite products including Drive, Gmail, Sites, Calendar, Docs, Contacts and more.

The service was actually available in a limited preview but was called Springboard. It was compared to something similar to Google Now but for enterprise workers. Springboard is now called Cloud Search and is designed for larger companies where different groups and individuals have access to different files across different Google tools. Cloud Search takes into account file sharing permissions so users can only access what is available to them.

Moreover, Cloud Search can also work as a directory service which will allow users to search their colleague's contact information and at the same time view the events and files they have in common. When users view their colleague's contact info, they can immediately start an email, phone call or a Hangout.

Cloud Search will apply a card style design similar to Google Now. The cards will display the information to the user whether it was accessed by phone or a laptop. The new tool will also take advantage of machine intelligence to highlight information it thinks is important to the user.

Adding some form of machine intelligence has been the focus of Google in recent months. For instance, the "Quick Access" in Goodle Drive will predict which file you need even before you being typing. Google claims that this new process will shave off 50 percent of the the average time it takes to find the correct file.

Likewise, machine intelligence will predict search for Google Could Search. Its goal is to provide better productivity and increase G Suite Users. According to a blog post from Google, workers spend 20% of their work searching for the right information in their files. Google Cloud Search aims to reduce that.

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