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Pinterest Update Will Help Users With Purchases, Image Search

By February 9, 2017 at 6:01 am
Pinterest (Photo : Getty Images)

Pinterest is one of the best apps to share and catalog ideas from around the web. But the team behind the app is looking to expand their platform to help their users with purchases.

Pinterest launched a new feature called "Shop the Look" which will let users click on a specific item in a  photo in order to purchase the item. But if the item chosen is not for sale, Pinterest will display similar items that are available for purchase through the network.

Meanwhile brands can tag themselves, or Pinterest employees will tag the photos to help users with their purchase. Pinterest has already offered something similar called buyable pins that let users make purchases on the app but were limited to a single item. But with "Shop the Look," brands can advertise themselves by tagging their products on the images. It helps both the brand and the user.

The new feature however isn't something new in the industry as Intagram has done something similar with a small group of retailers. But this is definitely a first for Pinterest.

Along with the "Shop the Look" feature, Pinterest announced a few other discovery updates. The most important of the updates is called Lens, which let users search Pinterest's network based on a specific image they share with the app. So for example, a user shares a picture of a dining table, Pinterest would either find that specific dining table or find other similar looking tables in their catalog.

Again, this feature can be found on other platforms. It's actually similar to Google's reverse image search which lets users search the web based on images rather that text.

The idea behind the feature according to Pinterest co-founder Evan Sharp is that users don't need to express their thoughts into words to find great ideas. In a sense, for the co-founder, a vision may be enough to find a great idea.

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