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Nissan Cheated On Their Emissions Test According To Court Ruling

By February 10, 2017 at 6:12 am
Nissan (Photo : Getty Images)

Japanese automaker company lost a case it filed against the South Korean government. The lawsuit claims that Nissan sued South Korea's environment ministry last year after the ministry said that Nissan cheated on emissions of the Qashqai diesel model and fined the company 330 million won. A South Korean court meanwhile decided to side with the ministry and its accusation that Nissan used a defeat device in its Qashai.

After winning the case, the Korean government ordered to halt the sales of the said model in the country as well as a recall of 814 Qashai cars. The rulling on the failed emissions is a huge blow to the image of Nissan. The automaker company had hopes that they would be absolved of the charges from the emissions cheating in the only country where the company has been accused of it.

Apparently the court didn't heed Nissan's plea and decided to make their move. The court believed that Nissan used the defeat device to deactivate its emissions reductions system of the Qashai sports utility vehicle under regular driving. This means that the device would activate the emissions reductions system when the emissions were undergoing tests but would deactivate when driving which would warrant the cheating accusation.

With the defeat device, the Qashai produced excess amounts of nitrogen oxide. "It is reasonable to believe that the vehicle in this case achieved certification with false and other illegal means," the South Korean court said in its judgement.

Nissan calls the incident regrettable but has denied the use of illegal devices. A Nissan Motor spokeswoman said that they company has made no changes in its stance to not use any illegal devices in their vehicles. She then added that they will consider possible measures without elaborating.

The South Korean government conducted tests on 20 diesel vehicles made by various companies after it had found out that Volkswagen AG had manipulated emissions. It seems that cheating emissions test isn't something new in the autoindustry.

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