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Google Investigated For Thwarting Competition In OS Market

By February 14, 2017 at 6:52 am
Google (Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Google is currently investigated for allegedly thwarting competition in the OS market. It has been reported that the company is dealing with an anti-competitive investigation if whether it blocked Samsung's development of its operating system.

An official from the Fair Trade Commission or the FTC shared that they are currently investigating on the said issue and to determine of Google really thwarted the competition in the OS market. FTC also submitted documents to the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea through Rep. Jeon Hae-cheol.

As reported by Korea Portal, as of the end of January, Korea has a big market share for Android that is accounted to more than 80 percent. Now, since it makes uo most of the shares in the mobile market, the Korean government is looking into the matter appropriately.

It can be recalled that Google and Samsung hit the Mobile Application Distribution Agreement or the MADA. It has been stipulate in this that all Android handsets should preset Google as a default search engine including preinstalling applications like Gmail and YouTube on the home screens.

Apart from that one mentioned earlier, these companies also reached the anti-fragmentation agreement or the AFA. This tells that Samsung was not permitted at all to create new OS using the algorithm of Google.

Korea's leading search engines, Daum and Naver have brought the issue on MADA and this was followed by FTC investigating Google Korea. But in 2013, Google has been cleared after the body found that the two Korean leading search engines were not affected at all.

But, the FTC continued to conduct probe into the AFA and this made them conclude that there were some suspicious circumstances which led to their finding that Google obstructed Samsung's OS development. The body sees the need to reinvestigate the matter since the situation in the market also changes as per Telecompaper.

Meanwhile, Google Korea has spoken u about the investigation and said that Android is an open source platform. According to them, Google's partner agreements are voluntary meaning anyone including Samsung can just use Android even without Google.

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