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Nissan Facing Allegations Of Fuel Economy Test Manipulation

By February 14, 2017 at 6:51 am
Nissan (Photo : Getty Images)

Nissan is facing complaints from the South Korean government over allegations that the automaker company manipulated the fuel mileage test results of its Infiniti Q50 sedan. The Seoul Central District Prosecutors office will be doing the investigation after a criminal complaint was filed by the the ministry.

This isn't the first time cars from international automaker companies are facing issues in South Korea. The transport ministry is also investigating BMW and Porsche for manipulating fuel mileage test results. Meanwhile Volkswagen is also facing allegations of cheating emission tests. The issues come after imported cars are surging in popularity in South Korea.

The latest investigation of Nissan comes after South Korea's environment ministry banned the sale of 10 models of Nissan, BMQ after the companies were known to fabricate documents on emission and noise level tests. The banned models include BMW's X5M and Porsche's Cayenne and Macan models.

Because of the issues surrounding the three car companies, the latest investigation is then expanded to include the three companies. The government will see to it that fuel economy tests for the 10 banned models are not fabricated.

Transport ministry official Koh Sung-woo says that Nissan overstated the fuel economy of the Q50 to 3.4 percent higher than the actual result. The company manipulated the test results to make the fuel economy better in an effort to icrease sales.

Meanwhile Nissan is trying clean their hands of the issue and passing the blame by reporting "some inappropriate problems" in certification documents. The company then said that the errors were caused by a misconduct of a manager of the company although no specific name of the supposed manager was reported or any other form of punishment was placed on the employee. The spokeswoman did express regret over the issues.

The fuel economy issue only adds to Nissan's other issues with South Korea. Last week, a South Korean court sided with the government which claims that Nissan used a defeat device to manipulate emission tests of the Qashqai sport utility vehicle.

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