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Korea Telecom Corporation Expands Digital Healthcare Services Business Globally

By February 15, 2017 at 5:53 am
PyeongChang And KT Sign 2018 Winter Olympics Partnership (Photo : Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

KT Corporation just expanded its digital healthcare services business in the international scene with the collaboration of an Australian startup. As the company expands its services, it will focus on cardiac disease and respiratory diagnosis.

The Seoul-based company also made mention about the importance of paying attention to the deteriorating environment. According to them, this causes more smog and dust and this will lead to people suffering from cardiac and respiratory illnesses.

As reported by Korea Times, the Senior Vice President of KT's Future Business Development Unit shared that the company actually seeks for varied global business models. The company also recognizes the help of employing updated technologies in the digital healthcare fields.

Through expanding its digital healthcare services business, KT Corporation will start the project from providing early diagnosis as well as offering ways on prevention of infectious and chronic illnesses. The company likewise sees the need of improving the environment for child and maternal healthcare.

The two mentioned companies will make use of the KT's digital healthcare service model and the M3DICINE's mobile-connected stethoscope. Before the undertaking, the two signed a memorandum of understanding.

M3DICINE was established last 2015 that works on the development and creation of a connected stethoscope which is typically called as the "Stethee." This innovative instrument can detect cardiopulmonary and cardiac indexes like vascular murmurs, oxygen saturation rate, and cardiac sounds which an ordinary stethoscope cannot measure as per Modern Medicine.

This stethoscope also works by connecting it to a mobile device like tablet or smartphone and the person or the health practitioner can already share the collected data. Apart from this, what makes it unique is that it can be tapped into GPS in order to determine the place where the diagnosis has been performed.

KT Corporation has already linked with medical institutions in developing countries as well as university hospitals just to provide these kinds of diagnosis services. It can be recalled that the company just worked with Yonsei University Health System the previous year to help patients in the remote areas.

With the cooperation of KT Corporation and an Australian startup, the digital healthcare services business will surely be an efficient way to provide help to patients in far-flung areas.

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