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Shaman Power, Fox Vagina May Help With Romance Woes According To Mystics

By February 15, 2017 at 5:53 am
Fox vagina to help find love? (Photo : Getty Images)

South Koreans may find it difficult to find love in today work centric world which leaves them less time for socialization and relationships. Thankfully, the power of shamans may help with their romance woes with rather unorthodox methods. One of these methods entail women carrying a dehydrated fox vagina as a lucky charm.

The fox vagina is thought to have the power to attract people. It is the reason some women have the ornament in their purse as a charm to help them find a partner.

Shamans have long existed in Korea's culture having survived the introduction of several religions in the country. Shaman temples can still be found in certain areas of Korea. It is believed that in the shamans in these temples commune with deities and the spirits of client's dead ancestors with a ceremony called "gut."

There are currently 30,000 active shamans today in South Korea according to the Institute to Research and Conserve Korean Gut. It is believed that a shaman's blessing could lead to a life of greater wealth and love.

Kim is what South Koreans consider a Gold Miss, a woman who is around the age of 30 and has yet to settle down. Kim is a manager at a beef and pork importing company and has longed to be married and raise a family. She has recently felt unhappy with her dating life and as well as her career which is why she sought the help of a shaman.

According to the shaman, the root of Kim's problems stems from her not having a boyfriend. The shaman then advised Kim to carry a dehydrated fox vagina and keep it at all times, never removing it from its bag or risk losing its strength. Although carrying a dried up sex organ is not a widely known practice, Kim was willing to try it as long as it will help her with her problems.

The practice may come from the fox's role in Korean folklore. Foxes are both known to attract and deceive people while a legendary nine tailed fox is known to transform into a beautiful woman who eats the hearts of male victims.

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