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KEPCO Begins Construction Of Wind Power Plant In Jordan

By February 15, 2017 at 5:52 am
Staff from KEPCO Inside Egbin Power Plc Electricity Generation Plant (Photo : George Osodi/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

The Korea Electric Power Corporation or KEPCO has started the construction of an 89.1 MW wind power plant in Amman, Jordan. This firm has already provided about 24 percent of the country's power needs with their two coal-powered plants the company built there.

KEPCO already conducted a groundbreaking ceremony for the wind power plant in the Jordan Fujeij Wind Farm. The event was attended by more than 150 government officials as well as business leaders in Jordan.

The company will spend about $184 million to be able to build the wind power plant and is expected to be finished by October of 2018. But, the company also forecasted that this project might help them generate about $570 million with the facility's operation for about 20 years.

KEPCO doesn't only look on its financial side as reported by Korea Times. First and foremost, the company is also looking forward to the aid it will give to Jordan's power supply capacity when this will go into operation.

This project will not only benefit Korea but Jordan also as it will significantly bolster its power supply capacity. This wind power plant will serve as a motivation and a driving force for Jordan and Korea to collaborate more in terms of energy production.

KEPCO was chosen among some bidders for the scheme way back 2013 then the company signed a contract two years after the bidding. The firm already operated and provided power supply through the wind farms to countries like United States, Japan, and others.

The CEO of the company also emphasized on his enduring commitment to invest on extending the services of KEPCO in the global renewable energy industry. The company does only serve Korea but is indeed expanding globally as reported by Pulse.

Apart from these two coal-powered plants in Amman, Jordan, the firm operates two other plants in the Middle East region. These power plants are operating in United Arab Emirates and one in Saudi Arabia.

As the construction of the wind power plant in Jordan has started, KEPCO is also currently building a $20 billion project for four nuclear reactors in United Arab Emirates.

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