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mClinica WIll Help Local Pramaceuticals WIth Medical Data

By February 16, 2017 at 6:50 am
Medicine (Photo : Getty Images)

Health startups are doing good business in Asia right now. Wellness focused insurance brokerage CXA just received $25 million in investment and now Singapore based mClinica announced a $6.3 million Series A raise.

mClinica was founded in 2012 whose goal is to provide health care date in Southeast Asia which is done by an alliance with pharmaceutical stores. This is a similar approach to Nielsen and other analyst houses.

mClinica founder and CEO Farouk Meralli explains that South East Asia currently lacks the means of acquiring medical data since it is dominated by small "mom and pop" style stores. According to him, this leaves pharmaceutical companies needing to know more about their business, supply chain and competitive landscape.

In the US and the UK on the other hand are dominated by big name companies like Walgreens or Boots that have their own methods for medical data. In Singapore, there are thousands of independent pharmacies.

mClinica is currently present in the Philippines, Indonesia and Vietnam where the startup offers a platform for local pharmacies to help them with medical data. In a sense, mClinica is similar to Pratco, the Indian startup that connects doctors and patients.

The startup acquires their data by tracking what medicines are prescribed, dispensed and bought in small stories which according to their founder accounts for 97 percent of all pharmacies in Indonesia. mClinica's app is for pharmaceutical stores and for consumers as it provides the stores with loyalty programs for customers and news from the industry as well as other tools to manage their business.

For consumers, they have to provide their mobile number to register and after their purchase at the pharmacy to take advantage of the rewards and loyalty points. The details are then collected by the pharmacy which collects a specific consumer's purchases no matter which store they choose. With mClinica's features, independent pharmaceutical stores can now compete with their big name rivals .

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