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South Korea Wants To Develop Its Own Stun Guns To Replace Expensive Tasers

By February 16, 2017 at 6:14 am
The government plans to produce stun guns that better fit the needs of South Koreans and to replace more expensive Tasers. (Photo : Sciencing)

South Koreans will soon be able to purchase locally made stun guns. The government is funding an initiative for the country to develop its own stun guns that better suit the needs of the local population and to replace expensive Tasers.

Demand for Tasers has been strong because of tight restrictions on the use of fatal weapons to defend against criminals. The single firing shock device is widely used in Korea because its electric current can effectively neutralize a target without seriously harming it.

All Tasers in South Korea are produced overseas and around 7,000 units are being used by the local police. A modest version costs around 1.2 million won.

To address increasing demand from consumers and law enforcement, the trade ministry said it is funding a joint project of the police and South Korean firm Infos Technology to develop stun guns, with the completion scheduled for around July 2017, according to officials.

The state-funded project to manufacture stun guns locally is projected to bring about 1.65 billion won in savings to the government.

Korean Air Lines recently announced they will allow its flight crew to "readily use stun guns" to help them subdue unruly passengers. The decision came following US singer Richard Marx criticized the airline for its flight attendants' poor handling of an in-flight disturbance involving a drunken South Korean man in December, which widely publicized through social media.

The device being planned for local production will have a weaker shock intensity but can be used three to four times on a single load. Officials said that it is designed to better fit the needs of local users, which could open possibilities for exports to other countries with physiques like those of South Koreans.

Under the same funding, other security equipment is being developed such as smart patrol cars, video recording and simulation equipment for crime scene analysis and reinforced shields against weapon attacks.

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