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Chinese Tourist Senteced To 25 Years For Murdering Korean In Jeju Island

By February 17, 2017 at 6:14 am
Scenes Of Theme Park 'Love Land' In Jeju (Photo : Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

A Chinese tourist is sentenced to 25 years in prison for murdering a South Korean woman in Jeju island. The woman was praying at a church on the southern part of the island when the Chinese killed her on the spot.

Chen Guorui is identified as the murderer while the victim is a 61-year-old woman whose surname is Kim. Kim was rushed to a nearby hospital after the incident but was pronounced dead a day after. Guorui was apprehended around 40 km away from the scene after a few hours.

Once captured, Guorui told the police that he killed Kim because she reminded him of his former wife who ran away after extramarital affairs. But during the trial, the Chinese man changed his statement telling he committed the crime in order to be jailed in Korea and not return to China.

Jeju court district said that Guorui took away a valuable life of an innocent woman for a reason that cannot be understood. The murder also did not show any sign of regret and remorse while did not offer an apology.

The court also took into consideration Gourui's mental health. The defendant has been mentally ill for the past five to six years according to a psychiatric evaluation. In some cases, crimes can be absolved or may lessen the sentence if the defendant is mentally ill. But apparently, this was not the case for Chen.

Chen was able to enter Korea through a visa-free program for Chinese tourists. He arrived in Korea less than a week before the incident occurred. He was scheduled to leave Korea a few days later.

The incident sparked a public outcry as several crimes were committed by Chinese tourists in Jeju Island. There's also calls for stricter policies for Chinese tourists entering the country. Maybe the visa-free program for Chinese tourists may soon be removed in light of these incidents.

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