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Oriental Brewery Promotes Healthy, Responsible Drinking Culture

By February 17, 2017 at 6:12 am
Inside A Shinsegae Co. E-Mart Store Ahead Of Consumer Confidence Data (Photo : SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

Oriental Brewery just announced last Thursday that it will be promoting a healthy and responsible drinking culture in response to the worsening problem in drunk-drinking related accident. Korea's healthy drinking culture has always been considered as a hindrance to social and economic growth.

The Korean government presented data that showed the number of cases of violence caused by individuals who are under the influence of alcohol. The government explained that the country suffers 700 billion won or $613 million in losses because of drunk-driving related accidents.

Oriental Brewery is considered as the country's leading brewery and it just advocated a campaign called, "Global Beer Responsible Day" which has been conducted every year. This activity started last 2014 to lessen the negative effects of too much drinking and to develop a healthier drinking culture.

Some of the famous companies in the world have already followed this campaign like Heineken and Carlsberg in 71 countries. It was OB's parent company, Anheuser-Bush that initiated this culture of healthy drinking as reported by Korea Times.

The OB employees have also conducted a campaign last year to remind people about the perils of drunk-driving held in Gangnam, Southern Seoul. They gave warning to the sellers as well as buyers about the risk that is included in this.

Apart from those, Oriental Brewery has also conducted activities and campaigns to encourage the young as well as the teenagers to stop from drinking. This company has convinced students not to drink alcohol right on the day of their exams.

The company even initiated a paly named, "Family Talk" with an aim to prevent adolescent drinking. The play featured a conversation and a talk between parents and children to discourage the young people from alcohol drinking.

The brewery was able to attest to the effectiveness of the play telling people that the plot has contributed to the show's immense popularity with teenagers as well as parents as per Today Every.

Last October, Oriental Brewery just signed a memorandum of understanding with KoRoad to start a nationwide campaign against drinking under the influence of alcohol. The staff and employees of OB have donated presents to the police offers to give recognition to their efforts fighting for the same cause.

With this campaign through the Oriental Brewery, the Korean government hopes that mature drinking in Korea will be established to develop a better world.

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