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Touchdown! Gen 2 Arrives in Pokemon Go

By February 20, 2017 at 7:02 am
Gen 2 Finally Arrives in Pokemon Go (Photo : Getty Images)

Gen 2 monsters have finally touched down in Pokemon Go, much to the delight of trainers looking for reasons to stay in the game. But is Niantic's latest update worth the wait? More importantly, will it bring people back to the game?

Niantic has already rolled out one of the largest updates in Pokemon Go's short but distinguished history. By now numerous trainers are already out and about as they try to catch the reported 80 new Gen 2 Pokemon. But as exciting as it sounds, gamers have reported that there are at least two creatures missing from the Gen 2 list - Smeargle and Delibird.

According to reports, Smeargle cannot be caught nor found in the wild yet. Data miners have yet to find the monster's set moves in the game's code. However, it seems that there's a reason for it. There are rumors that Smeargle might be unveiled at a new event planned by Niantic. It might even be introduced in the same way that Ditto was, as a discovery by the Professor.

As for Delibird, no one has seen or caught the creature yet but data miners have found its set moves. This could mean that the elusive monster might indeed have been included in this update.

Despite Smeargle and Delibird's rumored exclusion, players still have a lot of Pokemon to capture. The update has now allowed for baby Pokemon to spawn in the wild. There are also reports that Ditto can also be triggered from encounters with Hoothoot and Sentret.

There are also shiny Pokemon to watch out for. As the name implies, these are sparkling versions of Pokemon. There's no confirmation yet on whether shiny Pokemon would have different moves from the original.

The update also caused a new nest migration which disabled some nests while others have been transformed into a Gen 2 spawning ground. Players should also expect a calibration of the movesets of Gen 1 creatures.  

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