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Apple Debuts Four Twitter-Based iPad Pro 2 Ads

By February 27, 2017 at 10:01 pm
Apple to unveil new iPad Pro 2 models (Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The rumors about the iPad Pro 2 just got real as Apple released four Twitter-based ads.

Apple released four new commercials for the iPad Pro on Friday, lending further credence to rumors that a revamp of the iPad line is in the works.

The four ads debuted on the company's official YouTube channel and ran for about 16 seconds. Each ad started out with a tweet about either the iPad Pro or a situation where the device would come in handy.

Interestingly, the tweets came from live accounts. According to reports, one of the Twitter account owners used in the ad confirmed that Apple notified him before the commercial went live. It should be pointed out that the account owners have been replaced by actors in the ads.

Every video opened with an actor holding up a printed tweet, followed by a voiceover touting the advantages of the iPad Pro. For instance, the first video opened with a tweet on how the device "is not even close to being a computer." The voiceover then explains how the "iPad Pro isn't a computer. It's actually faster than most laptops, has LTE like your phone, and a touchscreen you can write on."

The commercials are reminiscent of the "Get a Mac" ad campaign launched in early 2000. Those ads had actor Justin Long and comedian John Hodgman portraying a Mac and a PC going head to head. It was one of Apple's more successful marketing campaigns, so it's no wonder that the company wants to channel its spirit.

Fans of the Cupertino-based company is expected to announce two new iPad models soon. There are even rumblings that the announcement might even happen as early as next month. Insiders are saying that the company will be unveiling a revamped 12.9-inch model, a new 10.5-inch model and a 9.7-inch budget device that will run on an A9 chipset.

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