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‘Pokemon Go’ Faces Trouble Over Increasing Use Of Cheat Apps

By February 21, 2017 at 7:15 am
Pokemon GO Fans Converge At Sydney Opera House (Photo : Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

The provider of "Pokemon Go", Niantic is facing a dilemma over the reported increase of cheat apps as shared by the game industry last Monday. Because of these cheat apps, gamers can just get into the servers for them to gain an unauthorized competitive edge.

Niantic Korea also expressed that some of the problems they encounter apart from these cheat apps are the denial-of-service attacks which are deemed illegal. The company is trying to implement strict measures in order to cope with this.

According to Korea Times, if Niantic Korea will be introducing measures in order to deal with these cheat apps, gamers will face relative disadvantages for not utilizing them. That's why the company is cautious if they will be implementing these measures or not.

The company has warned users and gamers before that if they use these cheat apps, they will be subjected to permanent ban or perhaps temporary suspension from "Pokemon Go." Temporarily, gamers can still use several cheat apps as these are still available on app markets without restriction as per Game Rant.

Cheat programs which are used in "Pokemon Go" allow users to manipulate GPS data or offer hidden status details of the game creatures. All these apps including these cheat apps were taken from the application programming interface. However, these were taken without the consent of Niantic or the developer.

Niantic Korea received a lot of criticisms like its lack of experience in offering a megahit game. With this, Nexon said that it already provided a strict policy so as to prevent these cheaters from doing it. The said company has already provided several computer online games.

Nexon spokesman said that they will put a one-year suspension on accounts of first-time offenders who are using the cheat programs. On one hand, those who will cheat again are totally banned from the game.

As this issue progresses, there were reports claiming that Niantic is undecided to lock down on these cheat apps as it may lead to losing users and gamers of "Pokemon Go."

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