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Diageo Korea Lectures On Responsible Drinking To Collegians

By February 21, 2017 at 7:16 am
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Diageo Korea has been reported to be organizing lectures which will focus on responsible drinking intended for first-year students at nine universities in Seoul and elsewhere to promote a "sound" drinking culture in schools and universities.

Diageo Korea is the Korean unit of the English premium Scotch whiskey maker and it has been reported that it held the said lecture. The talk was titled, "DrnkiQ" and held at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies in Seoul. Apart from this, it has been said that it will continue its lecture to other 8 universities until the middle of March.

This lecture conducted by the company is part of the orientation programs for freshmen and will be given to 3, 200 students as reported by Korea Times. This lecture will help the students to encourage them to live a responsible drinking at schools and universities. Diageo will see to it that it will promote responsible drinking culture in Korea.

The student ambassadors of the company will also act as leaders in sending out the message of drinking responsibly while in the campus.

Cho Dae-Han, a student of HUFS shared that he has a great time finding out about the responsible drinking behaviors. He added that even if did not take a course that taught him how to drink responsibly; he learned it through the lecture. He even went on sharing that even if most college students are already allowed to drink legally, students must first master how to drink responsibly.

Apart from the students, Diageo Korea has also initiated the lecture among workers and adult groups which started last 2009. The company aimed to create a culture of responsible drinking as per Today Every.

Diageo Korea has been doing this campaign and encouraging individuals that they should also drink water while they drink. It has been noted also that the company is encouraging people not to pass a glass of alcohol and not to encourage and force other to drink as well.

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