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Microsoft Opens 2 Data Centers In Korea To Boost Azure Cloud Computing Services

By February 22, 2017 at 4:53 am
South Korean Antitrust Regulators Rule Against Microsoft (Photo : Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

Microsoft just opened two cloud data centers in Korea to enhance its Azure cloud computing services in the country. The two data centers will be established in Busan and Seoul and will become part of the company's 13 data centers in Asia plus 34 in the whole world.

The company launched these data centers just last Tuesday nine months after Microsoft announced the plan. This latest expansion seeks to meet the fast-growing Korean cloud services market.

People are aware that cloud computing includes internet-based computing services. These services will enable users or even the corporate customers to rent computing power and data storage as per Korea Times.

Apart from this, it will also help users to process and store data on the remote server instead of just using the personal computer or local server.

"The new Azure regions deliver world-class reliability and performance," Microsoft Korea CEO Alfred Koh shared during one of his interviews.

Together with this project is the company's aim to deliver its Office 365 or its industry-leading collaboration which will be instituted in the second quarter of this year. Microsoft then expects the Azure regions in Korea to help the company deliver their applications and services closer and better to customers all over the world.

Meanwhile, the Microsoft's corporate vice-president for Azure networking, Yousef Khalidi shared to the reporters that the Azure's expansion lets the clients gain better performance. In addition, in order to cope up with the increasing demand for an excellent, enterprise-ready, and global cloud, the Azure will also support the customers' requirements and choices with regards to the location of the data.

According to the Korean government, the country's market and industry for cloud computing amounted to 1.19 trillion won the previous year. It this is to compare this year, it increased by 55.2 percent as per ONMSFT.

Despite the rapid development and growth, global cloud services providers like Microsoft were able to open cloud data centers in Korea.

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