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Online Comments Get Prioritized As Source Of News

By February 22, 2017 at 4:55 am
The British Press Reacts To Donald Trump's Anti-Muslim Tirade (Photo : Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images)

Online comments of readers have been given importance now and they might become a source of new too. Even if the fake news is rampant nowadays, some consider that the comments can be utilized by news outlets for information on news.

Reader's comments are often mixed with vulgar words and this is the reason why some are still doubtful if they will make as great sources of news. But some journalists and researchers are supporting this idea telling that indeed the news outlet can actually gain from them.

As reported on Korea Times, Hwang Yong-Seok, a journalism professor at Konkuk University shared that local newsrooms failed to recognize and manage the comments of the readers. From that observation, he saw the need to change that and better take advantage of it.

According to him, managing the comments of the readers can actually play an important role in the so-called local journalism. The reason is that it can actually serve as a healthy source for opinions.

He also shared that New York Times is actually using readers' comments and they have been actively used in newsrooms. Those comments are not only classified as just a window to check on the views of the readers but they have the potential of shaping the opinion of the public.

The famous publication has been considering comments of readers as very significant and has been placing them in the center of their homepage. Their purpose ion doing so is also to increase the interactions among the readers most especially in this digital age.

But there is also a need for reader comment management as more and more readers are searching for news from web portals and social media compared to websites of newspapers. That's why local publications need to focus on how to manage the comments of the readers as per BBC News.

The Korea Press Foundation conducted a survey wherein only 45.6 respondents have written comments on the websites of the newsrooms. In comparison, 88 percent said that they have left comments on social media while 82 percent on web portals.

The journalism professor encourages the local media outlets to find more ways to motivate readers to leave comments on their websites. Moreover, there is also a need for them to create as well as manage interactive contents of news.

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