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Citibank Korea To Offer Banking And Financing Solutions

By February 22, 2017 at 11:42 pm
Citibank Workers Strike Over Discrimination Claims (Photo : Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

Korea is currently facing risks in its economy and companies including Citibank which is offering reliable banking solutions and financing tools to help alleviate the problem. These times, the market and the industry are filled with unpredictable forces that van either make or break a business.

Korea is facing risk at the moment which started with its prolonged presidential scandal. Factors that also contribute to this dilemma are the British exit from the European Union and President Donald Trump's America-first policy.

According to Korea Times, Citibank Korea is considering some plans in order to finance its operations. The company is seeking ways in order to offer the best financial solutions that will meet the odds and the circumstances.

The head of the said company met with corporate treasurers and other chief financial officers to discuss ideas and ways on how to finance investments, accounts receivable and inventories and working capital.

Apart from this, Citibank Korea also collaborates with product specialists within the bank in order to give comprehensive solutions on corporate banking. These solutions include cash management, trade financing, and loans for custody, foreign exchange, and derivatives.

With regard to loans, the banker can just hep its client to look for loans that will give the person fixed interest rates despite the predicted rate hikes by the U.S Federal Reserve. The company also added that the solutions need to be cost-efficient and optimal for the benefit of the clients.

Citibank Korea shall make use of its strength in dealing with a huge global network in order to satisfy the needs of the clients for optimal and cost-efficient solutions. According to its head, the bank is well positioned since it has been considered as the only local bank in Korea that has branches in more than 100 countries as per Korea Herald.

That feature will also bring advantage for the bank to provide access to international markets which include extensive selections of global services and products.

Citibank Korea expects the country's economy to boost by 2.4 percent this year while China is expected to develop at a sluggish speed.

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