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Orchids Considered New Means Of Wellness Through Horticulture Therapy

By February 24, 2017 at 4:39 am
Orchids belong to the largest family of flowering plants (Photo : Town&Country for Getty Images)

Orchid has been considered in the world of horticulture therapy as some experts have found its characteristics which can be used as means of wellness. Lee Chung, CEO of Lee Won Orchids Nursery could attest to the benefits of this plant for its health and wellness purpose.

Lee Chung grew up watching his father grow some 2500 kinds of orchids on their farm. His father studies the plants for almost 50 years so both of them spent their time growing different orchids and finding out about their characteristics.

Then after that, he took over his father's farm and this became the largest orchid farm in Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province. Now, he is focusing on showing that the orchid can become a means for wellness through the horticulture therapy as reported by Korea Times.

Lee also shared the process on how this plant can make a good means of wellness. He said that a person could just draw an eye, nose and a mouth on the pot of the orchid or perhaps that person van give that orchid a name. Then a person can also feed that plant and tell his worries to it.

Through those mentioned by Lee, a person's stress can be relieved. He also added that if people can give names to their pets, they can also do the same with their orchids. People can simply talk to orchids and will now serve as a stress-reliever therapy.

Lee likewise suggested that children can write their dreams and aspiration sin life on the pot. Every time they water the plants, they are reminded of their goals. With that, parents can truly believe in the future of their children.

As Lee introduced the benefits of orchids in wellness, he also shared some tips and recommendations on how to grow these plants. The first tip he gave was with how people should water orchids.

Orchids do not need much water and one person is enough to take care of these orchids. There is no need to water orchids every hour of the day because they have the tendency to wither.

Apart from that, he also recommended that the water which will be used should be from a natural source. For him, tap water is better that purified water and rain is preferable than tap water.

The benefits of orchids for health and wellness through horticulture therapy were discussed during the CQ event hosted by CICI President Cho Jung-Hwa. Participants were able to listen to Lee's hour-long talk on growing orchids and their importance in horticulture therapy.

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