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AI To Take Professional Gamers In ‘StarCraft’

By February 24, 2017 at 4:42 am
Korea Internet Games StarCraft (Photo : Getty Images)

Artificial intelligence programs will face the professional gamers in the strategy game "StarCraft" next month. The event will be hosted by the Sejong University which planned to hold the match on March 30.

The organizers were planning to bring AI systems to determine if they can beat humans in different aspects of the performance of the game. The university had already finished fixing the date of the said competition between the AI programs and the human gamers.

The spokesperson of the host university did not divulge any more details about the said event. They are currently working out on the ways they have to organize the much-awaited competition as per Korea Times.

The human players will be selected from gamers coming from the Sejong Cyber University. Some of the most popular "StarCraft" players in the country like Song Byung-gu, Lee Young-ho, and Kim Taek-Yong were graduates of this university.

On the other hand, Kim Kyung-Joong of the Sejong University shared that the artificial intelligence system which will take part in the annual Computations Intelligence in Games StarCraft AI Competition will be selected to play to take on the human gamers.

The said competition is being organized by U.S. International Electrical and Electronics Engineers and has been regarded as among the world's three largest AI StarCraft competitions. The Sekong University had also hosted the CIG competitions way back 2010.

This competition will be done with the AI-based programs playing each other without any intervention from humans. These programs are usually called "bots" that are made for multiplayer modes play as per MIT Technology Review.

 The StarCraft AI program has been developed in Korea and the only StarCraft AI system ever made in the said country. These programs were named "Xel'naga" taken from one of the highly advanced alien races in the game.

This annual CIG competition also seeks to determine if the best-performing AI programs at the CIG can even match the competency of the human players. The human players, as well as the AI-based systems, have their respective strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the StarCraft game.

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